About Us

Music4Uonline is one of a number of products offered by GMS Music. The father of the current MD discovered the potential offered by music and advertising in retail in the '60s (see 'Malcolm and the Marzipan'). He then started a company to market the idea. Philips Electronics later purchased this to be their 'Background Music Division' in the UK. The company came back into family ownership in 1976. It has been independent since that point.

We have built our business on a foundation of stable, long-term relationships. Some of our clients have been with us for over 30 years. Many of our staff members have been part of our team for over a decade. We are very proud of our position as a respected and trusted member of our clients' business networks. This status is maintained by continuing to offer products and service that exceed their expectations.

Our products are all about choice and we offer the widest possible range of options. Your GMS system can therefore be whatever you want it to be. Whatever your budget and requirements, you are sure to find a system to fit your needs.

The following links should provide answers to any questions that you may have. If you do have any further questions, or would like information about musicPro, please get in touch.

Malcolm and the Marzipan
The story of how we became music and advertising providers.

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Technical Support / Helpline
Details of our back-up services


Legal Compliance / Copyright
One of the reasons for using a company like GMS is copyright compliance. We have all of the necessary 'dubbing' licenses. This means that our music is guaranteed to comply with the relevant copyright laws.