Advertising 4U

A music system should be able to work just as hard as any other aspect of the point-of-sale mix. As such, our systems have always been able to intersperse the music with adverts and messages. This offers an additional opportunity to reach your customers while they are in your site(s). We were originally formed as a music-and-advertising provider (see 'Malcolm and the Marzipan'). Music4Uonline uses new technology to take this service forwards, offering flexibility and speeds that were previously impossible.

The adverts can be used to maximise the impact of your own advertising campaigns. They can also, however, be re-sold to relevant third parties to generate an additional revenue stream. The system can handle both audio and graphic/video adverts.

Music4Uonline has one overwhelming advantage as an advertising system. This is the speed and ease with which adverts arrive on your site(s). Once loaded onto your profile, they are automatically downloaded to your machine(s). No more messing around with CDs: trying to get them to site on time; finding out where they were put when they arrived; remembering to put them in the machine at the right time. The campaign can even be set up in advance. It will automatically start and stop on the correct days without you even thinking about it! Our system is completely flexible about how you create your advertising presence. Completed adverts can be emailed to us for instant upload to the server. If you have voice-files without music, we can add appropriate music as required. We can have a new advert recorded to your script. Even if you don't have a script at all, we can have one produced on your behalf.

Our advert-production services are outsourced to a number of specialist firms so that we can offer the widest possible variety of accents and voices. You can then choose the best one(s) for your purposes. We can also source celebrity voices if required.

Obviously the time-scales are different depending on the level of work required:

  • Send us a completed advert and it can be on our server in as little as 15 minutes
  • Adding music to an existing voice file takes about two hours
  • A new advert is normally produced in 2-5 days depending on complexity. If required, we can push for its completion inside a day!

Contact us for more information on using music4Uonline to provide advertising in your premises.