Customised 4U

It may be that you want a more tailored profile than the 'default playlists', but it is not practical to do this yourself. Maybe you don't have time. Perhaps you just don't feel comfortable choosing the right sort of music. In any case, we can provide a profiling service and you can easily take over in the future if your circumstances change.

Customised4U centres on the services of our highly experienced profilers. One of these will be assigned to your account and will work with you to achieve the exact mix of music required for your customers. This will normally involve a telephone consultation with your profiler. Once your profiler is sure of your requirements, they will build and then maintain your music selection. Your secure login will still allow you to check on exactly what has played in your site(s).

To cover your profiler's time, we do take an additional fee for this service. Customised4U profiles are generally charged at £10 per update. This means that fortnightly updates are £240 per annum.

Clients with more than 50 sites are entitled to one free update for every 50 sites. For example, a client with 200 sites would be eligible for four free updates. These can be used to update one profile on multiple occasions (e.g. weekly updates). They can also be used to make updates to multiple profiles, e.g. different profiles for different regions. So they could opt for monthly updates to four profiles.

Branded Music

For some of our clients, music is an absolutely key element of their brand. It is therefore critical to the strength of their business. In this case, we recommend that clients invest in 'branded music'. In this case, one or more specialists (musicologists) will conduct a 'brand audit' in your premises. This will identify the types of customers present at different times of day. They will also analyse the styles of music that are most suitable for each group of clients.

The information gathered will enable them to put together a 'brand music profile' specific to your brand. This will be built around your exact customer profile. The audit can be as basic or as detailed as your reliance on music demands.

Please contact us for more information on this service.