Music packages consist of a track limit and a monthly 'update' allowance. The reasons for this are outlined below. All packages have access to the whole music database (over 75,000 tracks) from day one. The prices vary according to the quantity of music that can be downloaded. Discounts are available; see below.

Up to 1250 tracks with 20 changes per month                                £24.99 per month

(Equivalent to up to 1490 tracks per annum / approx. 95 hours of music))


Up to 2,500 tracks with 40 changes per month                             £49.99 per month

(Up to 2,980 tracks per annum / approx. 195 hours of music)


Up to 3,500 tracks with 50 changes per month                             £59.99 per month

(Up to 4,100 tracks per annum / approx. 270 hours of music)


Up to 5,000 tracks with 100 changes per month                           £79.99 per month

(Up to 6,200 tracks per annum / approx. 410 hours of music)


Up to 10,000 tracks with 250 changes per month                         £99.99 per month
(Equivalent to 13,000 tracks per annum - approximately 850 hours of music)

If you are using your own PC , the music rental is the only cost. This is making the assumption that you already have copyright licenses. These prices are for our services only. They cover our copyright fees, but any site playing music must also have its own licenses. This is the case even if you are only playing the radio or CDs. The 'Legal Compliance/Copyright' page gives details of the licenses required.

Our music packages are tied to the copyright allowances. The track limits are based on these. The 'changes' ensure that your music can be kept up to date. They allow you to make extra downloads each month. If you have already downloaded your limit of music, these 'changes' can be exchanged for some of your existing tracks.

Monthly contracts can be cancelled at any time, but no refund will be given on payments already taken.


Substantial discounts are available for contracts of two or more years, and for multiple sites. The prices given above are for a single site on a monthly contract. If you would like a quote for extended contracts or multiple sites, please contact us directly.


The above prices cover 'Managed4U' and 'ManagedByU'. The cost is the same regardless of whether you use one of our 'default profiles' or control your own music. We will only charge extra if you want us to put together customised playlists on your behalf. The fee for this service is £10 per update. Therefore monthly updates are £10 per month, and fortnightly updates are £20 per month. One update will cover any systems using the same profile. This means that if you have multiple sites with the same music selection, you only need to pay the profiling fee once.

Larger clients can choose to have one free profile update, per month, for every 50 sites.