Providing bespoke music playlists, audio adverts, screen media and music videos for your business, store, hotel, gym, or workplace

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News Items

Premiership Music Contract
Manchester United now has 11 m4Uo systems in their hospitality suites. The music profiles are tied to the theme of each suite, e.g. the ‘1966 suite’ plays ‘60s music.

Nationwide Roll-out
Beaverbrooks the jewellers have completed a roll-out of m4Uo into all of their sites across the UK. The 60+ systems were installed within a 2-week period, and are proving very successful for the delivery of both music and advertising to their stores.


The Ultimate Music System for Your Business

Do you want a low cost method of building your brand? Making your business stand out from the competition? Increasing sales? Improving customer satisfaction? Motivating your employees?

Would you like all of this starting today, without needing to invest in new equipment?

Only music4Uonline can offer all of this and more. Better still, there is no need to commit to more than a month at a time. We can even offer a free trial to let you see exactly what you would be getting, before you buy.

Music4Uonline is a music system for businesses. It gives you access to over 75,000 ‘Original Artist’ tracks from day one. The music can easily be set to change throughout the day as your clients change.

You can use your own PC and your existing music system. A secure login allows you to choose your music from any Internet PC. No new or complicated equipment is required.

Music4Uonline is provided by GMS Music. We have been supplying music to businesses like yours for over 30 years. Every second of that experience was used in the design of this product. There is an option to meet every need and to suit every budget.

Clients include: five-star hotels, premiership football clubs, local pubs, well-known retailers, restaurants, banks, golf clubs, ice rinks and many more.