Managed By U

Potential clients sometimes tell us "nobody knows our customers like we do". Therefore music4Uonline allows you to take complete control of your music choice. There is no doubt that this is the lowest cost way to get a music profile tailored exactly to your business.

All ManagedByU clients have access to our whole music library from their first day. That means that you can make your selections from over 75,000 tracks. You choose how you want to build up your playlists. You can start from scratch, choosing every track individually. You can build your profile using our pre-compiled playlists. Alternatively, you can start with our pre-compiled playlists and build your own playlists on top. This is the most common method: it allows you to quickly and easily build the perfect playlist for your needs.

Your profile is held and managed on this website, and is accessed via your secure login. That way, you can be in control of your music wherever you are in the world. If you have multiple sites, you can view all of their profiles from one login. You can use one profile for them all; create different profiles for each one; or a combination of the two. ManagedByU also gives you the option of delegating your profiling to a member of your staff, or a third party such as your branding agency. All that they would need is your login details.

The site contains a set of tools designed to make profiling absolutely painless. These tools guide you through the process of selecting tracks and building playlists. You can vary the music throughout the day. You can build a core of music with a different style playing every 'nth' track (e.g. every 5th track could be Irish on St. Patrick's day). You can add adverts and messages, request new tracks and much more. You can also track exactly what has played in your site(s), and what music has been downloaded to your machine(s).

In addition to the standard pre-compiled playlists, and your custom-built playlists, we also provide 'managed playlists'. Our studio updates these on a regular basis, and anyone using them will automatically receive the updates. This means that even if you have not changed your music, you know that it will still be up-to-date. These include programmes covering the current charts ('Current Chart') and recent Indie-Rock hits ('Current Indie').

Finally, the running of themed playlists (St. Patrick's day, Christmas, Valentines day etc.) and adverts can be set up when it is convenient. The start and end dates for the playlist or campaign can be saved in advance, so that you know it will run at the right time. Some of our clients even leave their Christmas profile saved from one year to the next so that they never have to think about it.

The best way to get a feel for the functionality available is to try our free trial. This gives you a month's access to the music library and profiling tools. That way, you will know whether it is right for you without having to spend any money. Alternatively, get in touch and we can give you an online demonstration to guide you through the tools provided. We are available on the helpline from 9am till 9pm, every day. We will happily talk you through any problems that you may have.