What Is Music4Uonline?

Music4Uonline is a new music system for businesses. GMS Music designed it to offer the maximum functionality for minimal cost. We wanted to create a system that would cater for every possible requirement but still come within any budget. These links provide more information about the system.

Music Selection
Users of music4Uonline have access to over 75,000 tracks. The 'music selection' page offers a summary of the available music. It also explains how to choose the best mix for your business.

Hardware Requirements
To achieve the best value for money, music4Uonline can use existing hardware. The 'hardware requirements' page outlines what equipment is needed.

Our music packages are tied to the copyright allowances, and range from 750 tracks to 10,000 tracks. Discounts are available for multiple sites and extended contracts. The standard, single-site, monthly prices are shown here.

How Does It Work?
This is the most common question posed by our clients' IT departments. Basic details are provided on this page.

Legal Compliance / Copyright
One of the reasons for using a company like GMS is copyright compliance. We have all of the necessary 'dubbing' licenses. This means that our music is guaranteed to comply with the relevant copyright laws.


The following pages provide introductions to some of the available functionality:

When you sign up for music4Uonline, you will be asked to select your business type. This automatically assigns a profile that is regularly updated by our studio team. Even if you make no further input, you at least know that this will remain current.

Music4Uonline offers you the ability to choose your own music. An easy-to-use, online toolkit is provided to assist you. Using a secure login, you can access this from any Internet PC, anywhere in the world.

If you want a tailored profile, but don't want to do this yourself, we can provide a profiling service. One of our highly experienced profilers will work with you to achieve the exact mix of music required for your customers.

A complete audio service must include advertising capability. Using music4Uonline, audio adverts can be woven into the music playlist. The display of visual adverts (and other graphics) is also possible. .