Why Use Music Management?

For our business, this is probably the most critical question clients can ask. In this case, it is really three questions:
1. Why use music at all?
2. Why manage that music?
3. Why use a music provider?

The first is easy to answer. Studies have shown that music can improve business:

  • Music is one of the easiest ways to influence your customers' perceptions of your business - North, Hargreaves & McKendrick (1997).
  • Music offers a low cost method of differentiating your premises from those of your competitors - Wells (2004).
  • Music can also be used to motivate employees, improve brand awareness, increase customer spending and maximise profit - Areni & Kim (1993) and North & Hargreaves (1996).

The mix of music must be correct for it to be of benefit. Playing the wrong music will normally have a negative impact. In fact, it may even drive customers away. The need to match the music to the customer provides the answer to our second question. A business plays music to gain certain benefits; therefore music management is essential. The choice of music needs to be managed if music is to achieve its purpose.

The third question is more difficult to answer in generic terms. There are many possibilities. The importance of any of these will depend on the needs of each business.

  • Music availability: our systems give you access to over 75,000 tracks from the first day. That's a lot of CDs!
  • Legal compliance: we have all of the necessary copyright licenses. This means that you can be sure of the legality of your music.
  • Quality control: our studio team balance each track to avoid changes in volume level. They also remove silences from the start and end of tracks, and flag potentially offensive lyrics. Your system will only play such material if you have allowed it.
  • Maintenance: who fixes problems with your system? Our helpline is manned 9am till 9pm every day. We also have backup systems available.
  • Cost control: taking a music contract means that you can fix the cost of your audio updates. Your staff can concentrate on their key role, rather than purchasing music.
  • Flexibility: does your trading pattern vary throughout the day? Our systems facilitate the shaping of your unique profile. We can meet your changing needs, whether that means an ultra-modern dance night or an OAP's lunch party!
  • Multiple venues: our systems can easily deliver the same, slightly varied, or completely different music to a set of venues. Whether you want tight branding, a core style or just a 'bulk-buy' discount, you'll find an option to suit.
  • Expertise: make use of our expertise in hardware and software to build the best music system for your needs. It is the job of our studio team to know the recent, current and future trends. Our engineers can advise on any aspect of audio technology. Have their knowledge on tap.
  • Advertising: although not strictly part of 'music management', this is part of managing your audio. Audio (or video) adverts can be used to advertise your upcoming events or special deals. Alternatively, they can be sold to third parties to generate an additional income stream for your business.